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Domain Status: Registered
Creation Date: 11/08/2016 17:59:16
Expiration Date: 10/08/2026 23:59:16
Owner Name: Impresa SGPS, SA
Owner Address: Rua Ribeiro Sanches, 65
Owner Locality: Lisboa
Owner ZipCode: 1200-787
Owner Locality ZipCode: Lisboa
Owner Country Code: PT
Owner Email: [email protected]
Admin Name: J. Pereira da Cruz S.A.
Admin Address: Rua Vitor Cordon 10-A
Admin Locality: Lisboa
Admin ZipCode: 1249-103
Admin Locality ZipCode: Lisboa
Admin Country Code: PT
Admin Email: [email protected],[email protected]
Name Server: | IPv4: and IPv6:
Name Server: | IPv4: and IPv6: